GIFs Done Right

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GIFs, GIFs and more GIFs.

Since the launch of the free Photobucket GIF Maker, we’ve collected hundreds upon thousands of homemade GIFs. And yes, we said homemade. Just like momma used to make. The recipe is easy to follow. Open the GIF Maker on the free Photobucket mobile app and GIF away.


You make them (via the Photobucket GIF Maker), you upload them. We watch them, we love them. But we don’t want to keep all these hidden gems to ourselves. Their greatness needs to be shared with the world.

So, you ask, what makes them so great? We came up with some norms, rules that you should abide by the next time you take out your phone to capture that great GIF.

  • Be GIF-erent. In order to stand out and get recognized as a top-notch giffer, you need to stand apart from all other GIFs you see on the regular.
  • Be GIF-ted.  And we aren’t just talking about you yourself, but the GIFs. Make them creative and unique. Think outside of the box!
  • You get what you GIF. The quality and greatness of your GIF all comes down to how much thought, energy and effort you are willing to put into the creation of it.

With that said, here are the best we have seen so far. Make sure to keep them coming! But for right now, let’s give these GIFs some love:


GIFs, they can make you fly.



Synchronized boat jumping. Perfect height, perfect entry, just perfect.



This, just this.



Who can resist a baby gettin’ giffy with it?



World Cup GIFs? From the game itself? Awesome. Being a Netherlands fan? Not awesome. 



The making of Karate Kid IV: The Prodigy. 



Capturing the beautiful unwrapping of a Starburst.



The art of pushups…infinite amounts of pushups.



Cannonball! Both backwards and forwards. 



How does he do it so perfectly every time?!



And some strange dance we can’t explain. But there it is. 



This boy’s plea to save the twinkie. Good luck!



Face to mat. A million times over. 



The infinite pushup’s opponent – infinite pogoing (yes, that’s a real word).



This man’s priceless face. It’s too good.

Want to get recognized for your GIFs? Download the Photobucket mobile app, follow our tips and upload your creations using the hashtag #pbGIFs when you share to Photobucket or Twitter. The rest is history.