Gigaom – Year in Review

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GigaOM Year In Review
Jackson West, GigaOM

It’s always fun to take a look at the stats at the end of a calendar year. For instance, it turns out approximately 86% of GigaOm readers visited using cable, DSL or corporate broadband connections, with only 7% using dial-up and 7% unknown. With an audience so thoroughly saturated with broadband access, it’s no surprise that the top three posts and three of the top ten search terms were related to video!

2006 was definitely the year that online video, gaming and productivity applications went totally mainstream. Below, we list the top ten companies or product search terms.
1. youtube1
2. stardoll2
3. videora3
4. photobucket4
5. amazon s35
6. guba6
7. meebo7
8. cyworld8
9. zillow.com9
10. skype symbian10

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