Great gifts for under $20 on Photobucket

None of us are enjoying the news about the economy. But we still have some nice, personal and easy gifts available for under $20 to show people you love that you care.

Photo gifts are personal and inexpensive, and so easy to do.

Here are some ideas.


Get your face on your friend's cup of Joe. Starts at $13.99
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Framed Prints

A memorable photo, for looking at every day. Starts at $14.99
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Your face. On his key chain every day. Starts at $8.95
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luggage tags

Luggage Tags

Not just for luggage. Also for backpacks, computer bags, and messenger bags. Starts at $9.95
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Cute you, on Grandma's fridge. Starts at $5.99
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For those wired mice die-hards. Starts at $10.99
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3 thoughts on “Great gifts for under $20 on Photobucket

  1. I especially loved the framed prints. It gives the photo the classic look that makes the viewer really feel the moment. Digital pictures are the new trend now. Same as other things, Classic would still remain and stand the test of time.
    Framed photos are also perfect for personalized gifts. Christmas is coming soon!! Thanks for this great idea.

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