Halloween Photo Contest!

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.35.44 AMShare your best Halloween pics, whether dressed as your favorite TV character, twerking singer, or member of Congress, just add #pbHalloween and you will be entered to win.

How to enter: 
1) Shoot your best Halloween-themed photo.
2) Share it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #pbHalloween.
3) Check out all the contest entries here, vote for your favorites by commenting or liking the photo.

Need costume ideas? Check out this post for inspiration. 

Our 3 favorite photos will win a free 16×20 canvas of their Halloween shot!


Note: We respect your privacy, only photos from Twitter and Instagram accounts set to public will be entered into the contest. 

10 thoughts on “Halloween Photo Contest!

  1. i really so exicted about this contest. n i just wanna share my creativity, so i hope all of you like that… :) Gbus.

  2. How come only photos from instagram or twitter can be used? What about from my photobucket account?

    And what happened to all the ongoing contests there?

    • Hey Rebecca,

      We removed the previous competition page after contest engagement dropped. Contests are not going away, we are just changing how they work. We’re currently testing the hashtag upload contests where you can submit a photo from social media. Photos tagged on Photobucket were looked at for the Halloween contest, and in the future will be included in the contest entries. We just had to work out a few kinks before we officially added them in. :)

      We will be introducing more contests very soon!

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