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We’ve released our October 2005 newsletter detailing the latest improvements to your Photobucket.com service. Click here to see what’s new and cool at Photobucket.

* How to upload pics from your mobile phone
* Partnership with Peerflix, special deals for Photobucket users
* We’ve Doubled Storage & Bandwidth for Free Accounts
* Ask Photobucket: Help with common problems
* User Feedback and Photobucket in the News



  1. brittany
    July 29, 2006

    love is when u fall asleep in his arms and wake up in his dreams

  2. emyly
    December 9, 2005

    I want to scan this pic.how can i do?thanks!

  3. rick
    November 14, 2005

    hi, i have sent plenty of forms into photobucket to activate my account and everytime i do that it says it will take less then one hour and never activated my account,,i was wondering if you can reply to me by sending an email to juliano1515@aol.com,,thanks so much
    -rick (Gatti15)

  4. miguel
    November 11, 2005


  5. Shara
    November 10, 2005


  6. yourjoskrdfk
    November 10, 2005

    what the frickin hell. this happens to often.

  7. Rebecca F. Dunn
    November 10, 2005

    I wish to look at my former home area. I lived down at address of 196 Willow Lane, Port Sulphur, La. 70083. My home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and worse again by Hurricane Rita. Thank-you for use of this web site. Rebecca F. Dunn

  8. Sycia
    October 30, 2005

    I just read the newsletter. Thank you so much for doing all this! I’ve been on Photobucket more than a year and am thrilled to have some more space for the increasing archive of personal photographs. Thank you!

  9. Heather
    October 29, 2005

    All of my photos are not showing up on my myspace page after the upgrading. Is there any thing you can do to fix it so I dont have to reenter all of the photos again. HELP!!! Thank You Heather

  10. judy Hartman
    October 28, 2005

    I just was checking to make sure the site is still in read mode…I cant load and wanted to make sure there isnt something I need to do to get it going again..
    Thanks, Judy

  11. yndygo
    October 28, 2005

    Hey – great newsletter!
    And the best part? the link to upgrade to the premium account that now let me use PayPal.
    I’ve wanted to upgrade for awhile now – but the payment options weren’t exactly what I was looking for… but now?
    Premium Account Purchased!!
    Rock On, Photobucket!

  12. Liz
    October 28, 2005

    My pictures don’t show any more on my space site, I haven’t deleted anything in my account w/photobucket as far as pics go.
    My user name there is oneslimcase
    Can U pls help me to figure out whats going on?

  13. Jessy
    October 28, 2005

    Awesome job! Thanx again for a brilliant site!