How to make a grunge effect collage on Photobucket

The more we use the built-in scrapbook tool from Scrapblog on Photobucket, the more we find new stuff.  We just had fun making a grunge-effect collage using the Scrapblog tools.

  1. Choose Scrapbooks from the grey menu in your album.
  2. You'll be asked to pick a theme. Search for "urban" in the top right, and choose the Urban Media theme.
  3. The design below builds on the third page of the theme. You can delete the others if you want.
  4. Choose Get Photos on the left to choose photos from your album. Drag and drop the photos you want.
  5. Choose Stickers on the left, and then "Get Stickers." Choose Grunge under Style. There are dozens to choose from.
  6. Have fun with text, frames, new backgrounds, and so forth.

Here's the JPG we built. You can make this to your MySpace background, your Twitter background, your Blog … anything. The default size will be around 900 x 600 pixels. We've shrunk this one down so that it's small enough for display on our blog. But it can be big enough to be a background for your computer desktop too! Have fun!

Click here for a link to the full size image.

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