How to make a Twitter background on Photobucket

Posted by on Jun 6, 2009 in Slideshows and Scrapbooks | No Comments

This was something fun I did today. Use Scrapblog to create a custom background for your Twitter profile. Scrapblog is utterly amazing. We think you'll have fun.

Here's how:

  1. Click "create scrapbooks" from the menu in your album on Photobucket
  2. Scrapblog window opens
  3. Choose any theme that takes your fancy. Don't worry. You can change it all later.
  4. At the bottom, delete all the pages but one.
  5. Choose "get photos" on the left, and pick the best photos all about YOU.
  6. Choose "get stickers." Have fun with that.
  7. Choose "get backgrounds." More fun.
  8. Use the crop feature to make cool shapes.
  9. Rinse. Repeat. Potentially play for hours.

Once you've saved your Scrapblog, go to the folder on Photobucket that is called "scrapblog-name of your scrapbook". You'll find a static JPG. Grab that and save-as to your desktop so you can upload it to Twitter. (There should be an easier way, huh?)

The trick for Twitter backgrounds is:

  1. Make sure you tile the image when you upload to Twitter.
  2. Put all your pics down the left hand side. Then they'll appear both on the left and the right in Twitter.

Here's the one I made for myself. Not very cool or grungy, but I like it because the pictures mean something to me. To see it in place on my Twitter go here:

Scrapblog has also used Scrapblog for their own Twitter background — it's much better than mine.

Here's what it looks like in Twitter: