Huge updates this time around!

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Lots of changes within Photobucket this release.
Some updates are invisible to you and others may seem like big changes, but we’re particularly proud of these new sharing and publishing features.

1. Every image is easier than ever to share with your friends and family. 

Sharing by email allows you to email individual images or videos directly to your friends from Photobucket. You’ll even be able to import contacts from your Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or AOL email accounts so that you can continue to share your life with them in the

Brand new is the feature that lets you seamlessly and easily grab your images and videos from your Photobucket account and share them to your Facebook.  Try it out!

We’ve also enhanced the ease by which you can publish your Photobucket images and videos to blogging communities like Blogger, Livejournal, Deadjournal, Greatest Journal and Typepad.  Simply configure your Photobucket account to allow for easy blogging, and you’re all set.

2. The other big updates we’ve made have been with the Photobucket Slideshows.  The Slideshows, formerly called widgets, have gotten some neat enhancements and we’ve created a load of new slideshows to make it way fun to share entire albums with friends.

Basic Slideshows have been enhanced to allow you to add titles and captions for individual images.

New slideshows let you say "Happy Birthday", "Thanks for the Add", or create games of all your Photobucket images that you can add to your webpage, profile, or blog.  The slideshows are organized as "Basic", "Social", "Seasonal", and "Fun & Games".

Here’s a new favorite we call Plink which you can find in the "Fun and Games" categories of slideshows.

Try it out and make your own!
Lots of new slideshows are going to be coming over the next few months but we love hearing your feedback in the meantime so drop us a comment!

3. We’re so excited about the mugs and beer steins that all our users can now make from their Photobucket images that we’re putting it on sale. For a limited time only mugs are 25% off!
Be sure to use the discount code at checkout.  Don’t forget that all Pro account users automatically get 10% off all of their custom Photobucket products at checkout too! Even on the mugs!

Thanks again and Happy Halloween!
Team Photobucket