Elevate Your iPhone or Android Food Photos With These 5 Tips!

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There’s something strangely alluring about #foodporn. Use our 5 tips to help you take awesome photos of your favorite dishes on your iPhone or Android!


Don’t be a bore with the same angle for every shot! Take into account details and presentation when choosing the best angle for your savory snap. Great presentation is best suited for a top down shot, beautiful ambiance is best shown with a table level shot & details deserve that close up they’ve been waiting for.



When taking any photograph, lighting is one of the most important elements. Ensure that you have enough light to get some detail in your shot. Feel free to flip on that HDR option on your smart phone so you can get more out of low light situations. Whatever you do, stay away from your phone’s flash! It’s sure to ruin the atmosphere of any food shot.




Sure. your lentil soup is delicious, but it’s not very pretty, is it? Make sure that you are taking a photo of something that other people would salivate over. No one wants to see the mushy leftovers your mother reheated for you, no matter how amazing they may taste.



Everyone is taking food snaps these days, so don’t be afraid to take some time before you eat that delicious meal to get a great shot. Beware not to become an addict, though. No one will invite you to parties if you take a photo of everything set before you at any moment.





It may take some time to get that gram-worthy photo. Not every situation can produce a great shot without the use of professional equipment, so give yourself and your smart phone a break! Some day soon the stars will align and you’ll get the food shot of your dreams.