Just when you thought things were getting quiet here

Posted by on Sep 8, 2006 in Feature Updates | 13 Comments

Things have been pretty busy in the world of Photobucket and we’ve worked to make a number of significant changes that we hope will really support our users. That’s not an easy job with around 22 million users, trust us.

But still! Wow!
Some cool stuff that we hope you’ll like.

First off, you should notice that the upload images function is quite different when you log in to your Photobucket account.

This is not only a cosmetic change but a functional one that we hope will make our users pretty happy.

Uploading images or videos is not only faster, but there are a lot more controls associated with how images will be resized.

Don’t forget to check it out after you sign in to your Photobucket account.

The next big change involves how we organize Bucket Features. Widgets.

That’s right! Bucket Features are now Photobucket’s Widgets.
Organized in a way that makes it easier to create image slideshows, collages, stamps or strips in a variety of sizes.

As always, we’re including the tools to make it easier to share and embed these Photobucket widgets into almost any webpage. It works with Myspace, Xanga, Blogger, Blogspot, Piczo, GaiaOnline, and the list goes on and on and on.

Some additional changes include tweaks to our Search functionality, Make Mobile functions, and ability to skin the Photobucket Video Player with your very own images. We think that’s pretty pimp.

We hope you’ll try the new features out. Send us your feedback and let us know what you think!

Additional information on our the widgets and how it works after the jump.

WHAT IS A WIDGET?!?! Or Where did Bucket Features Go?

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve made a few changes with the Photobucket website lately. One of the latest upgrades that we’re proud of is the Widgets page.

The term “Bucket Feature(s)” is now WIDGETs.

A WIDGET is a dynamic way for you to share your Photobucket images on other websites or profile pages. There are four styles of WIDGETS on Photobucket: stamp, strip, slideshow, and collage.

WIDGETS can be found by clicking the far left button near the bottom of the upload images/videos page.

Bucket Features being changed to WIDGETS

• Find Widgets under the upload panel in your account (must be logged in first to access this feature).
• To create a widget, first select photos from the top image bar and add them to your widget. To remove a photo from a widget simply click the red X button on the bottom image bar. You can also drag and drop images to and from your widget.
• You can customize a new widget by choosing a widget “Style” and “Size”.
• When you are done assembling your widget, simply click the “Save Widget!” button on the right side of the screen to finalize your changes and make it active within your account.
• To share your Photobucket widget you can share the direct link (URL) to the widget or you can publish the widget on a webpage, blog, or social network site by copying and pasting the EMBED information.
• Free account holders will be limited to 10 different images per widget while Pro account holders will have this number increased to 50.
• The “All widgets for (username)” page is where you can view all of the widgets that have been created and saved.

• Special Considerations and Known Issues
i. The “collage” widget will create a random pattern out of the selected images. The image placement is randomized and limited to display only a maximum of 15 images at a time. This is not an editable feature.
ii. Bucket Features that were created prior to today’s Photobucket upgrade will have edit functions disabled. You will, however, be able to delete a previously created Photobucket Stamp, Strip, Slideshow, or Collage. (*Deletion is permanent, no retrieval).


  1. rumi
    September 10, 2006


  2. catsnewwife
    September 9, 2006

    Do you have to resize your pictures one by one, or can you do a bulk resize? If so, how? Thanks!

  3. ree
    September 9, 2006

    hi, pb …
    i truly like your new look! yes, it makes me feel more easy to uploading the image … especially your “grab from the web” tools, yeah like it so much!
    i’m waiting for another new features …
    go pb!!!

  4. Baruch Hans
    September 9, 2006

    Dear sir
    I would like to show some of my selling items as a slide show on my Ebay (like “Auptiva” if not wrong name?)
    Can I do it?
    Baruch Hans

  5. Kayleigh
    September 8, 2006

    Yes, the changes are great, except now you’ve pissed off all the users who have used this site for years, never having to go pro to upload large file sizes. You can’t give something and then take it away.
    This needs to be changed back. Because I’m not sure if I’m the only one or not, and to that I don’t really care, but I will be looking for a new image host.
    Photobucket has been the only image host I have ever used and now I have to pay to get the things I’ve always had?

  6. Terry
    September 8, 2006

    Frankly, the earlier version was simpler and more functional.
    I don’t need all these extra bits.
    It seems sad that online programming should follow the “bloatware” route.

  7. yuna
    September 8, 2006

    i think the new upload images function is horrible!
    it’s too much of a hassel. the old one was alot easier and we could upload MULITPLE pics from the web.

  8. Isolde
    September 8, 2006

    Please help me. I love my photobucket account
    and I have 400 pictures in it, but I can’t
    figure out how to use the new feature. I
    always uploaded from computer before, and now
    I can’t. Help.

  9. Alicia
    September 8, 2006

    is there no way to upload multiple photos from the web now?

  10. Angela
    September 8, 2006

    I really hate what you have done to photobuckets uploading options, its annoying and frustrating and you are basically forcing people to download flock whether we want to or not, photobucket was one of the best image places on the site, i have a paid acct with you, and i am seriously thinking of taking my business else where,
    it used to be great for uploading images from URL’s and on my pc when I could upload up to 19 pics at once, it worked just fine for me, these new changes are not for the good

  11. JP
    September 8, 2006

    I guess I just need to get used to the new look, but right now I can’t find the URL upload section, and my [IMG] tags are screwed up. Bah >_<

  12. Derf16 (Dorothy Parks)
    September 8, 2006

    Sorry I forgot to add to my last ~~
    How about a line under the photos for posting a thumnail that can be clicked on and will enlarge?? That would really save me some time!!!

  13. Derf16 (Dorothy Parks)
    September 8, 2006

    I don’t understand the last line under the uploaded photos , it used to be the one I used to post a photo in a community thread at Recipezaar. Now it just has img>; I did discover that the ‘tag’ line works now to do that, so what is the img>, line for now??
    Thanks for the changes, it did seem a lot faster to upload from my computer!!
    Did I understand it right, that the photos are automaticly resized?? so could I upload 1024 x 768 and it would resize to message board size??
    that would be great, save me having to resize them all!!
    Looking forward to hearing from you, great changes!!