Kids and Cameras – How to Jump-Start Your Future Photographer

Posted by on Oct 5, 2011 in Tom Munro, CEO Posts | No Comments

By Tom Munro, CEO

I received a question on Twitter yesterday from Dr. Alison Eyring of Organizational Solutions, asking which sites would be good resources for kids learning photography. Instead of trying to answer in multiple 140 word bursts, I thought it’d be more helpful to include some tips on our blog so that others could reference for their own kids who might be interested in the topic.

My first suggestion would be to get your child a relatively cheap point-and-shoot camera and encourage them to just start taking photos, period. Remind them to bring it to special outings, sporting events and other activities where they can begin to get used to taking action and still shots. Next, challenge them to take random pictures around the house to experiment with capturing everything around them. Gone are the days where you had to be mindful of wasting film; so encourage them to snap away so they can start discovering their style.

Make sure to hook the camera up to the TV or computer so they can see their work on the big screen as well. Finally, if there are filtering options on the camera (or smartphone) such as our Snapbucket app, teach them to play around with different combinations to unleash their creativity (and chances are, you’ll learn a thing or two as well!).

Then when they are feeling more confident, start sprinkling in some pointers along the way to help them hone their craft. Below – to finally answer Dr. Eyring’s question – are some sites that offer some great tips for kids that you can use to help them get started.

And perhaps most importantly, remember to teach them to back up and store their pictures – hopefully on Photobucket – where you can also share with your friends and family to show off your talented offspring’s work! Good luck.