Last chance to see your super Underdog sidekicks!

Last chance to enter the Underdog contest on Photobucket! To celebrate the new Underdog movie (opening August 3rd) we’re looking for the most creative pic of your dog in a costume.

Update: August 1 2007: Sorry. Contest has now ended. Stand by to hear the winner!

Go here to enter:

Contest ends midnight July 31, 2007.

You can enter more than once. We’re looking forward to seeing your pics!

3 thoughts on “Last chance to see your super Underdog sidekicks!

  1. Dear Photobucket,
    please give me time to enter my dog in the contest beacause i can’t find the importer to import the pictures of my dog to the computer.
    please give me time to find it.

  2. The contest was a great idea! I can’t wait to see which adorable little (or big) thing won…. until then I’ll catch the movie this weekend to get my adorable dog fix.

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