Latest Release Updates to Photobucket!

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Holy Cow!

We’ve made some significant updates to the experience that you have on Photobucket and we’re both excited about the changes and updates that we’ve made and keen to hear your feedback. We received great support and responses to our newsletter that went out a few weeks back and want to hear your reaction to our latest & greatest updates too!

Full-size view in album redesign
The full-size view page for an image has been totally overhauled with a new look, and new functionality as well. What was previously on the ‘Edit’ page has now been integrated directly into the full-size page. From this page, you will be able to:
1.) See full-size image
2.) Resize, Rotate, Add description, change Filename
3.) Send to mobile – This means you can send pictures from Photobucket to your phone!
4.) Order prints (More than photo prints, you can make mugs, key chains, calendars, etc)
5.) Delete image
6.) View thumbnails for next/previous images in account

Check it out!


Here’s a rundown of what the icons above each image mean:


1.) The ‘Edit’ link will allow you to change or add a description
2.) The ‘Full Size’ button will zoom the image onto its own page
3.) The ‘Resize’ button will resize the image (lots of web friendly sizes)
4.) The ‘Rotate’ button will rotate the image
5.) The ‘Share’ button will take you to the ‘Share’ page for Email/Webpage/Blog/
6.) The ‘Send to mobile’ button will let you send your images to your phone
7.) The ‘Order Prints’ button will take you to the pages where you can make prints and other cool stuff
8.) The ‘Delete’ button will remove the image.


9.) The ‘rename’ link will let you change the name of the file. This WILL affect direct linking to other sites. You can also find the pixel dimension, image size (mb),and view the exif data here.


10.) A preview of the next and previous images will appear with the option to cycle through images this way by selecting the ‘NEXT’ or ‘BACK’ buttons.

11.) URL, Tag, and IMG codes are displayed below the previews.

Pretty Slick, eh?

Account Options Updates
The Account Options page has been completely redesigned or both look and functionality. The categories are as follows:

1.) Personal Information (registration data, fully editable now)
2.) Account Dashboard (total files, monthly hits, album size, monthly bandwidth)
3.) Album Settings (album url, public/private, thumbs per page, background color, sort order, show url, tag, img)
4.) Mobile Settings (Mobile Upload Address and Mobile PIN #) – yes you can upload images from your camera phone by sending it to this address
5.) Personal Contacts (You can import and manage an address book for easier sharing)
6.) Blog Options (set up to share to your registered blog)
7.) Cancel My Account (Of course — we really hate the idea of seeing you go)


More Slideshows To Share!!
There are 5 new Slideshows Too! Find them under ‘New Styles’

1.) Alarm Clock
2.) Calendar
3.) Snowflake
4.) Autumn
5.) Disco

Play around with the new features and let us know what you think!