Mandy Moore Video Remix Contest!

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Contest announcement! Want to have Mandy Moore sing at your high school graduation this year? We’re working with Mandy to promote her new hit single "Extraordinary" with a video remix contest that lets high school students showcase their schools, their stories, and their "extraordinary" lives to win a free performance by Mandy Moore!

This promotion is geared at the graduating class of 2007 and is in conjunction with our friends at

It’s easy to enter:

  1. Go to to read about the contest, and see if your high school is eligible.
  2. Create a Photobucket Remix Video using your own videos and images.
    • Use the Mandy Moore Remix bin of images and videos to add Mandy images if you wish
    • Add Mandy Moore’s hit "Extraordinary" as your remix video’s soundtrack.
    • We encourage you to be creative and have fun with showing how your school is "Extraordinary" and why you should win!
  3. Publish and submit your entry at
    • Use Photobucket’s built-in linking to copy and paste a link to your remix into the contest entry page.
  4. View and Vote for your favorite videos.  If you create a great video, you’ll want all your classmates to vote for your creation!

Voting starts from May 1st – May 10th with the official winner being selected by Mandy Moore herself. 

Winners will be announced on May 15th.  See the latest entries here.

    Detailed information and FAQ can be found at and on the Contest Details page.

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