Getting to Know the Photobucket Mobile App: Editing Photos

There are a few different ways to access the editor:

  • Open an image and then tap the editor symbol, a pencil, at the bottom of the screen

    Edit Icon on Android

    Edit Icon in iOS

  • Taking a new photo and uploading from within the app will automatically open up the editor


Once you’re in the editor, things are fairly straight-forward. The editor functions exactly the same as the editor on our full site. To see a breakdown of the functions and the details of what they do, head on over to our editing article here.


Once you’re done with your edits, the app saves and uploads the newly edited image as a separate file, and keeps your unedited original image.



  1. iBroder
    July 9, 2015

    Are you planning or maybe already on the work with create and Photobucketâ„¢ App for iPad? I use the iPhone version on my iPad Air and its not that iPad feeling you get used with but Photobucketâ„¢ have been famous for picuploading so I hope we see one on iPad soon.. Or, what you say about it?

    • Hannah
      July 9, 2015


      Thank you for your feedback! As of now we do not have an iPad specific app, so you would have to use a desktop computer or mobile web on your iPad. We will pass your feedback along to our mobile team. Thank you!

  2. Sheryl penn
    December 24, 2014

    Have not used it yet.