Mobile Upload to Group Albums Launches Today

Upload to Group Albums from Your Mobile Phone

So this is cool. Imagine a Group Album for your vacation or travels. Or for any wanderings when you’re out and about on the streets. Phone it into your Group Album!

Phone in a pic of a great pair of shoes you bought, a fabulous view
you saw, someone’s strange hair-do while you’re commuting to work, the
hot date you just met.

Click on the "Mobile Phone" button on the right of the Upload panel.
You’ll see the unique email address associated with the Group Album.
Use that Group Album email address to phone your photo into the Album.

mobile upload

All the same rules apply about approval of the images by the Group Album administrator (if that option has been set).

And you don’t have to phone it in.  This email address works from
your normal email client too. Just attach the photo to the email and
send it in!

By the way, this feature works for all albums on Photobucket, not
just Group Albums. Personal ones too. If you want to learn more about
how to upload from a mobile phone, read this Tutorial.

5 thoughts on “Mobile Upload to Group Albums Launches Today

  1. The new uploader doesn’t even work for me, I click and click and click and nothing happens in Firefox. I read the page source and figured out that you can add ?noscript=1 to the URL and get things working.
    I really wish it were easier to get right to the older upload methods and skip all the javascript and flash junk, all that stuff does is get in the way of using the site to upload pics.

  2. Sorry about my comment was posted in the wrong place but I don’t know where to say my question because I must to write it here
    After a long time, I had not logged my account in. All pictures of my album were deleted
    What’s happened with my pictures ?
    How to restore my pictures ?

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