Need ideas for scrapbooks? Take a look at other Photobucket users

Posted by on Sep 16, 2008 in Slideshows and Scrapbooks | 3 Comments

We check out the scrapbook collages made by our users on our site, and we love what we see. People have incredibly creative ways of using the new tool to make collages of photos and text.

If you want to get some great ideas, just search for "scrapblog" on Photobucket

Click here to make a scrapbook yourself.


  1. shozo2007
    September 21, 2008

    Is it a problem of PC of me to whom the image image is not displayed on a certain day?。Is
    it a problem on the site side?Please tell me.

  2. Katrina
    September 18, 2008

    What happened to the flip image tool in standard editing? It was very useful for flipping animated images without losing the animation, that can’t be done in the photo editor. :[

  3. rnac_14
    September 17, 2008

    hEy . . .
    iN dA pHiLippiNeS wE cAn’T mAkE oUr sCrApbLog . . . .
    pLz. gIb iT sOmE aTtEntIoN! ! ! !