New One-Click Sharing

Photobucket allows you to set up
persistent connections to your Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace accounts, if you
choose. When you set up a persistent connection, you do not have to re-enter
your login information for that website every time you want to share media or
an album to that site. Additionally, you can share images and videos
automatically upon upload, with a click of your mouse.  

Log into your Photobucket account.
Click New! Auto-share your
in the Upload panel.
Click Connect beside each
service you want to connect to, then enter the required info and allow the
service to connect.

4.       Click Done to close the Set
up box. The Upload panel now shows an Auto-share checkbox and icons for the
services you are connected to.
Click the Auto-share checkbox
on the Upload panel, then click Upload images & videos.

Choose and upload your media. All
the media you upload is automatically shared to the services you connected.

For more information:

Help topics for enabling & disabling the connections:  



  1. Gina McGregor
    March 2, 2010

    How about adding to your links?

  2. Shiyi Schroeder
    March 2, 2010

    Hello Facebook.