New Color Splash Effect

Try our new Color Splash effect!  Transforming your photos with the Color
Splash effect just got easier with our brand new effect in the Image Editor.
Color Splash allows you to keep certain areas of your photo in color while the
rest is black-and-white. Here’s how it works:


Click the “Edit” link on the photo you want to
edit. This opens the Image Editor.


Click the “Effects” Tab, and select the first
option: “Color Splash”. Your photo turns black-and-white.


Drag the brush (black dot) over areas you want
in color. You can select the brush size to apply the effect to both small and
large areas.


Click “Save a copy” when you are satisfied with
all the areas to create your new Color Splash photo!


Share your fun Color Splash photos
in our Color Splash group album, or check out our Color Splash category!

48 thoughts on “New Color Splash Effect

  1. Love this. My Husband shot some photos at a Historical correct Church the other day;*By historical correct,I mean it is pretty much the same way it was when built in the 1880′s,no electricity etc. On the historical register etc. But I digress,he shot some pics of the two seater outhouse lol,and this application will really splash out the out house lol. Great idea,great program.

  2. I love this feature! I did have one problem with it though. After I edited my picture , it lost its size and I can only blow it up to a 5×7 photo. How can I change this?

  3. thanks for showing me how to do a color splash because, i tried to think how to do one all that time!! i just had wanted to say thanks to the ones who did the examples…and steps on how to make a color splash! XD thnx guys! hehe! =)

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