New Editing Tools on Photobucket

Attention Photobucket fans – we have some awesome new tools for you to edit and transform your photos!

Login to your account and click "edit" on the photo you want to edit, then go to the new "retro" tab. This new editor allows you to change your photos with cool effects like:

  • Cross-process. This editor adds a nice vintage look to your photo by adding blues and hints of yellow, giving it a whole new look:


  • Retro. Round the corners of your photos and add a subtle layer of pink and orange hues, giving your photo a retro 70s feel:


  • Lomo. Brighten the saturation of your photo, "popping" the color while giving it a vignette border:



You can mix and match effects too. Here's the same photo with both color splash and cross process effect:



After you've changed your photo around, you can play with multiple images, creating a cool mashup of your favorites with the "add more photos from your album" feature:



Be sure to check out our new "patchwork" and "heartify" effects on the "Decorate" tab as well to add cool effects to separate photos! Here's a sample of the "patchwork" effect in action:


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