New feature just for Pro users — support for high res photos

High res images for Photobucket Pro users

We’ve increased the maximum image size limit for Photobucket Pro users. It used to be 2MB per image. Now it’s 5MB. So if you need to upload super big photos, then upgrade to our Pro service. It’s only $25/year or $3/month.

So in what other ways does our Pro service compare to our free service? Here’s a summary:

Free Accounts Pro Accounts
- 1GB storage (room for 10,000 files) - 5GB storage (room for 50,000 files)
- 1MB largest individual image size - 5MB largest individual image size (high res)
- 25GB/month traffic bandwidth - Unmetered traffic bandwidth
- 1024×768 max image size - 2240×1680 max image size
- Up to 25 photos per slideshow - Up to 50 photos per slideshow
- Up to 5 mins per video length - Up to 10 mins per video length
- Plus: Support for password protecting individual sub-albums
- Plus: No ads in your album, and when you share an album
- Plus: First look at new features
- Plus: Additional support for SWF file types
- Plus: Additional 10% off everything in the – - Photobucket store
- Plus: FTP account access
- Plus: Premium tech support

So if this looks like a good deal, upgrade to our Pro service! Thanks for your support!

5 thoughts on “New feature just for Pro users — support for high res photos

  1. Thinking about going Pro but what happens to existing photos already loaded? I am afraid I will loose what is already posted. And, where is the save to disc or computer back up button on the freebie version? tyia

  2. Photobucket here. If you upgrade to Pro on Photobucket, all your images stay just as they are. Don’t worry. You could, if you wanted, order a backup CD/DVD from our store on the site. But that’s totally optional. Thanks for considering upgrading to Pro.

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