New integrated scrapbook’ing on Photobucket today

Today we’re launching the integration of a complete online scrapbook system on Photobucket, powered by Scrapblog — the supreme masters of online scrapbooking.

So if you’ve always had scissor and glue envy,and you wished you could make a scrapbook but you’re just too busy, your problem is now solved!

Scrapbooks on Photobucket are incredibly simple.  Just drag and drop photos right onto the page:

Scrapbook Drag and Drop

You get to choose themes, backgrounds, stickers, text — go as far as you want. You can save your scrapbooks on Photobucket and share them. And you can ‘post’ them as self-running slideshows on your social network profile, Web site or blog.

Here’s what they look like when you post scrapbooks as a slideshow — this one shows a variety of themes. If you make a scrapbook, it’ll probably just use one theme. (Or not. Up to you!):



It’s the only way to scrapbook!

To try it out, go to You’ll need to log into your Photobucket album to be able to access your Photobucket pics.

Some of the feature highlights:

  • Hundreds of pre-built styles, such as travel, girl power, flowers, even High School Musical 3 from Disney. There are so many styles, we can’t list them all.
  • Hundreds of different backgrounds
  • Thousands of stickers to add to pages (actually, over 4,000)
  • Loads of frames to put around pages and items

To see a slideshow of some of the amazing styles and choices available with, click here.