New July 4th Slideshow Style

We just launched a totally new way of doing slideshows: using video surrounds. This is pretty cool. Check it out for the new July 4th Slideshow style.  You can make your own slideshow by clicking "create slideshow" in your account.

Or click here to create a slideshow.

Your slideshows can be shared anywhere — posted, or email shared.


10 thoughts on “New July 4th Slideshow Style

  1. ok I need some help here and no idea where to email people to get it.. I made my account a LONG time ago.. it’s kittykatvegas.. I somehow had my password changed and no longer have the email account I signed up with.. can I possibly have someone contact me to find out how to recover my account? I have family pics on there that I don’t have anywhere else and really would like them back!!!
    Sarah Feldsien-Meppen

  2. So, I thought PB was a portable style site that I could use anywhere – upload from anywhere. Seems the videos I uploaded three days ago using a friends computer are not showing up and the ones I uploaded yesterday don’t show up for her when she views the album. On top of the annoying “security” blocking me every time I open my account from another computer, this is just baffling.
    Anyone know why this is happening or how I can find what I definitely KNOW I loaded in here?
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  3. Hi!
    Can somebody please explain me, why I can’t upload with the new uploader my pics anymore in Linux!!? In the past this was no problem, but after a while I logged in and…????????? Konqueror also doesn’t work.

  4. hey,i want some help here,i share a slideshow to my yahoo blog,but there is no photo can see,just see the make your own and view all images,if you click view all images,you can that slideshow,how can i make the slideshow perfectly without no clicking.please help me.

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