New “remix” features on Photobucket today

Posted by on Sep 24, 2007 in Slideshows and Scrapbooks | 2 Comments

As you probably know, when you click on "create remix" in your album, you enter the world of Adobe Premiere Express.  Here, you can build your own music videos, adding images, videos, text and music.

New features out today let you add more creative flair with hats, text, titles, animations on a single scene, different borders on different scenes, new clip-art, more music and a handy auto save feature.

Click here to try out remix. And if you have a great remix you think we should feature on the Home page, tell us! We’ll get the best out to the world. Just email us a link, or put a link into the comments of this blog post. (And then it won’t get lost in the millions of spam messages we receive every day!)

Here’s a nice tutorial remix, created by our friends at Adobe:

And here’s a fun remix of Photobucket-ers partaying!

Click here to try out remix.


  1. Taximom
    October 6, 2007

    Hi, I made a remix for our little league team. It’s a great program! Can I save the remix to cd or dvd? Thanks.

  2. andrea Ford
    September 28, 2007

    Great Web Site Very interesting people. Love the kid-o-s, the dancing nice way to peek, and check out the differnt attitudes and action just by viewing people. What a dirverse expression of people in real reality.