New, simpler slideshow creator ships today on Photobucket

Today, we released an upgrade to our popular slideshow creator. You can check it out on Photobucket of course.


With this upgrade, Photobucket’s goal is to make what is already a very simple approach to creating slideshows even easier.

Highlights of the upgrade:

  • 20 new slideshow frames and styles have been added from our friends at Flektor (
  • Slideshow frames/styles are listed in an icon bar on the right side of the slideshow creator, allowing you to preview styles.
  • If you have a free Photobucket account, you’ll now be able to add more images per slideshow (up to 30). If you have a Pro account, you can add up to 50 images per slideshow.
  • All styles will support titles and captions allowing you to tell a story within each slideshow

Thanks for checking it out