New stats dashboard launches on Photobucket

Today we launched a major new feature: a stats dashboard.  This
dashboard measures how often your images and videos are viewed on other
sites. So if you embed your media on other sites, you can measure its

To see your stats dashboard, click on "stats" in the top right corner of your album.

The stats you see depend on whether you are a Free or a Photobucket Pro user.

Free users see:

  • Daily stats for the past 14 days
  • Limited to top 5 files for the account
  • Limited to top 3 linking domains
  • Includes views for images, videos, slideshows and scrapbooks
  • Includes stats on comments and ratings also

Photobucket Pro users are the same as Free except:

  • Includes all files for the account
  • Includes all linking domains for the account

If you want to upgrade to Pro, you can do so here:

There are three dashboards: for files, albums and for the whole account.

Files Dashboard

Albums Dashboard

Account Dashboard

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