New Webcam Feature

Ever in the mood to just have a mini photo shoot with your webcam? Now you can capture pictures with your webcam and directly upload them to your Photobucket account. Here are some simple steps:

  1. Log into your Photobucket account.
  2. Select the From Webcam option from the More Upload Tools drop-down at the top right of the Upload panel.


If you have a webcam attached to your computer, it is automatically detected. If not, connect your webcam, and click Try Again.

  1. Click Allow to give Photobucket permission to use the webcam.


     4.  Click Capture to take a photo with your webcam.



    5.  Select an album and click Upload to upload your photo, or click Try Again to take a new picture.   Easily share all your new photos with friends and show off your best modeling poses!