19 thoughts on “New look Home page

  1. The new look is great, but “(That’s billions of images)”? I know the tradition is to dumb down to the lowest common denominator but that’s just insulting. Sheesh! But then maybe I just don’t understand these big complicated things for grown-ups.

  2. i think it’s great , i diddn’t realise there were so many pickys on here, a few hundred of them are mine for my fishing web sights, exelent work , keep it up :d}

  3. I really like the new look and was pretty surprised as I loged in about a day ago . What a big difference , I’m sure any more changes will be as welcome too . Thank you .

  4. yea….i love how you can find pictures easily and when you find one that you like….just click on it and click ” add to album”…it’s AWESOME!!!!

  5. I like it, but it’s a bit too photo intensive and even on cable is slower than the other to load which is annoying.

  6. I have to agree with Nicole, it’s a bit too photo intensive for me also. Looks like lots of bells and whistles added, which tends to make viewing the page a bit difficult to take in at a glance.

  7. Ya, this new look doesn’t do any justice to the old site.
    I haven’t been able to access my album since the switch.
    Trying to contact you sends me to the FAQ’s page. However, there aren’t any FAQs/Tutorials of “I’ve already logged in but can’t access my album”.
    We’ll see if anybody reads this.


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