New Look Photobucket albums!

New look Photobucket albums released today — re-designed to help you get things done quickly, and incorporating many great ideas you have given us. It may take a few minutes to get used to the new layout, but once you do, we are sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

New Navigation Bar

Look at the top of your album to find the "Action navigation bar." The choices direct you to create slideshows, remixes, and avatars in your account, which you can then share with your friends or publish to your profile or blog.

View by Media Type

You can now view your media by "type" with the "Media Filter Bar" right above the contents of your album.  Filter by images, videos, remixes, or slideshows.

New Look Thumbnails in Albums

Slideshows and remixes have a little label that makes them easy to spot. Clicking on a slideshow or remix thumbnail takes you directly to the edit area for that media type.

Tell us what you think!

Let us know what you think of these latest updates by dropping us a line in the comments or an email to   All problems or support questions should go to the Forums or support.

As always, thanks for all the great support and feedback you give us. We really listen to it all.

26 thoughts on “New Look Photobucket albums!

  1. PLease help me find where I can upload my photos. I can not find a tool bar or menu where I can upload my pics.

  2. Well, I for one hate it. I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to just sign in to my accout…and I still haven’t succeeded! It keeps taking me back to the same login screen time after time of putting in my password. The one time it managed to go through I was not so pleasantly suprised to find a, I’m assuming, demo slideshow that I had never made. I’d rather not have Photobucket making up it’s own things in my account. Not too mention it keeps telling me my own account is private and that I’m not allowed in. This is a HUGE inconvience seeing as I co-own two different sites and message boards which I have all my graphics for hosted here. And now I can’t get in to do nessesary changes!!

  3. I am having trouble getting images. I put in flowers or just about anything in the search and I am getting puctures of nothing that has to do with what I am looking for…Help

  4. This version I give a thumbs down and not being able to see the sub-album names in full is annoying. Please change back to previous version if possible.

  5. I think one advantage to the site would be to have a bulk upload feature. Its gets painful with a pro membership and having to click browse for 500 pictures.

  6. I dont like how half of my album title names are cut off with the new look. Makes it more difficult for my friends to locate the right album, since the whole album is not displayed. I know you can put the mouse over the album and see the whole name, but it takes time to go through all the albums to find the right name, when they have similar names.
    I wish the new design had it where with each album, you could pick one picture and use this on your main page to reference to that album, like how pbase and other online web albums have them

  7. I’m trying to add photo’s to an existing slideshow. I click on edit on the slideshow I am editing, then click the plus sign to add the image to my slide, make a title. But there isn’t a way to save this update. How do I save it? There isn’t a save or update button. HELP!

  8. someone found a way around those browser problems your haveing …T Langford
    though it does sound like a defiled browser you have …simply download a fresh new browser like mozilla or opera

  9. I agree that truncated album names is a pain. What I would like to see is the ability to move entire albums around. I like to keep my yearly photos by well…year. Unfortunetly I can’t move albums that have already been created. I don’t do slide shows or any of that other stuff so I can’t comment on those features.

  10. this site needs a lot of technical help. Log-ins are inconsistent. Loading pictures takes too long when you have to manualy load one picture at a time. Creating sub albums has a lot of bugs. This site needs too much technical help. If you cold only uploaded pictures in batches. Fixing log-in errors. Creating a feature that allows others to contribute to your album…like other sites. But I do like the ability to view pictures at different sizes. But none of us want to pay anything extra right?

  11. WoW!!! I love the new layout and navagation tools! So much easier to navigate! Kudos to the Photobucket team!

  12. I hate it too. I have tried for almost an hour to sign in and still haven’t got access to my pictures. It won’t move off the sign in page

  13. ok so go to the edit profile under ure name and you will have the thing that says all that upload and done stuff

  14. I have just uploaded a heap of photos onto a remix…..for some reason the photos have been cut off on the top and bottom…how do I change that.I made a remix of the same photos previously with no cut moff problem…Please help!

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