Now you can get 10GB of space with Photobucket Pro

We have expanded our offerings for Photobucket Pro.  Now you get 10GB of space with every Photobucket Pro account.  This premium service from Photobucket costs $39.95 for one year, or $3.95/month.

In addition, you get no ads in your album, more bandwidth, a permanent 10% off sale at the Photobucket store, bigger and higher res pictures, longer videos, and all sorts of other stuff.

If you’re interested in becoming a premium member, please go to http://photobucket/upgrade.

2 thoughts on “Now you can get 10GB of space with Photobucket Pro

  1. I have a Photobucket Pro account.. My password was in my computer and my hard drive crashed – and i no longer have access to the e mail address that i used to set up my account..
    How can i obtain access to my account?? i have hundreds of pictures stored, and cant bear the thought of losing them!

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