One-click post from Photobucket lots of popular sites

One-click post your photos, videos and slideshows to your favorite email, popular sites, blogs and the most popular social networks


Photobucket You've always been able to do one-click post to sites, but now we've made it way cooler. Here's how:

1. Rollover any image to see the share options.

2. Click on the MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, LiveJournal, or email icons.  Or, if you want to see other choices, click on "more."

If you choose to post to one of the built-in sites, you'll be asked to log into that site.

The "more" choices gives you the option to choose different sizes and different sites.

Here's a screenshot of the share options dialog box:


4 thoughts on “One-click post from Photobucket lots of popular sites

  1. Why do so many of the photo’s I send to my myspace get deleted?? I can still go into photobucket and find them again… but they get deleted from my photobucket albumn and myspace? Am I doing something wrong… I mean I just spent alot of time going thru picture, saving them and setting up my site… then the next day 3 out of the 6 pictures I posted were deleted??
    Thanks for your help…

  2. I can no longer post into my Aimoo group from the Photobucket icon. Instead of the “insert” button, I’m getting a line of html, which, when copied, produces nothing. I’m getting awfully tired of having to go into my Photobucket account and copy and paste the graphics, please tell me how to fix this issue!

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