New Features: Orangize Your Photos

Posted by on Jun 25, 2010 in Feature Updates | One Comment

are thrilled with all the feedback and suggestions our users have been
providing in our feedback forum,
and as a result, have made a few changes to the Organizer. Organizing your albums
and media is now easier and takes less time! 

off the presses, and new to the Organizer:

  • The full list of all your albums is on the left side of
    the Organizer, so it's simple to drag-and-drop your media from one album
    to another. 
  • You can now move entire albums! Say, for example, you
    have multiple albums from 2010: a few birthday party events and a few
    random shots. Now you can create a 2010 album and move all those other
    albums into the main 2010 album. Easy!
  • You can delete entire albums WITHOUT individually
    deleting files in the Organizer or on the All Albums page. Did you break
    up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? No problem. Delete an album with one
    click of a button and never look back!

You can see all these changes when you log in and click the
"Organize" link at the top of your album. Have fun!

1 Comment

  1. kym Moore
    July 1, 2010

    love it