Our New Homepage!

You've probably noticed our new look as we have recently freshened up our homepage. The first tab shows some of the fun categories you can discover from our Find Stuff area . The second tab,  "What's New", is our hub for all news, contests and cool ideas. Thanks for stopping by and let us know what you think about the new look!

6 thoughts on “Our New Homepage!

  1. Yes, the new home page looks very fine! Good job :)
    Also, I just wanted to say this: I love and appreciate the quality and effientcy with which you give our videos!
    It’s so enjoyable to watch, whereas over in UTube, my same video skips, as in stops and starts!
    Thankyou for an awesome storage, fun, and creative photo and video site! Sincerely, Sunny

  2. The new version of the site is really impressive. It is clean, attractive and easy to navigate. Great work designer.It ‘s so nice to see, while most of UTube, my jumps of the same video, as in stops and starts! Thanks to a storage facility amazing, fun and creative photo and video site!

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