Peoples’ Group Album for the Inauguration is our most popular Group Album ever!

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We're thrilled at the response to our Peoples' Group Album for the Obama Inauguration. As you saw earlier, Photobucket was selected as the online destination for the Obama Official Inaugural Book. This book will be unlike any previous Inaugural Books. It will include your photos.

Thousands upon thousands of people have uploaded photos of how they celebrated this inauguration to our Group Album at More are coming in every minute. There were 1,200 uploaded just during President Obama's speech.

So upload your photos, and be sure to add a description that tells your story.

The Inaugural Book Project team will be selecting photos for inclusion over the next week or two.

Here's a slideshow that updates with new photos as they arrive. To see the group album that feeds this slideshow, go to

To learn more about the Inaugural Book Project

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