Photobucket Acquires Lasso Chat and Photo Messaging App and Mobile Talent

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DENVER, CO – March 12, 2015 – Photobucket Corporation, a leading online photo sharing and print community, today announced the acquisition of Lasso Chat and Photo Messaging application. Lasso founders Alex Welch and Chad Podoski also join Photobucket, providing additional mobile talent and thought leadership to Photobucket. Alex was one of the original founders and visionaries of Photobucket and returns as an advisor and mobile thought leader. Chad has developed several successful apps including Flickpad, Smackback and Teletweet. Chad joins Photobucket as a mobile developer and thought leader. “Alex and Chad bring many years of mobile expertise to Photobucket and I’m thrilled to have them join the team,” said Tom Munro, CEO of Photobucket.

Lasso was started in 2013 as a request-based photo sharing app. Lasso now includes features like chat and keeping track of the photos that have already been shared, making it simple and private to request and share photos with family and friends. “Lasso helps you maintain the relationships with the people you care about the most,” said Alex Welch Lasso Media CEO and Co-Founder. “I’m looking forward to coming back to Photobucket. It’s a new Photobucket but it still has the best of the old Photobucket. The Lasso Chat and Photo Messaging app is great addition to the Photobucket product portfolio.”

Photobucket was founded in 2003. It has seen a revitalization with the launch of the redesigned web and mobile experiences. Photobucket successfully launched their new print service on web last year which expanded to include mobile this year. The acquisition of the Lasso mobile app and mobile expertise is part of Photobucket’s 2015 strategy and investment in mobile. “The market is focussed on group broadcasts that don’t allow for those deeper sharing experiences with close friends and family,” said Kate Hare, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Photobucket. “Lasso extends the Photobucket mobile offering and provides consumers with a new way to have a photo conversation without having to post their photos on social networks.”

About Photobucket

With over 100 million registered users, Photobucket Corporation is the world’s leading dedicated photo and video sharing service.  In 2014, Photobucket expanded to include a new web and mobile service for printed products. The Photobucket user community uploads millions of images and videos per day from the web and connected digital devices. Photobucket hosts, preserves and protects photos and videos while bringing members advanced browsing, sharing and editing experiences. Each month Photobucket serves over 120 billion photos and videos to over 3 million websites. In addition to uploading and sharing media, its community can now create and purchase innovative print products from photos that reside almost anywhere including all Photobucket-enabled devices, social services, and photo applications. Photobucket is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For further information, visit

About Lasso Media

You have something that I want – and you may not even know it until I ask for it. Lasso is a request-based, sharing network predicated on a very simple idea: You have something that I want – and you may not even know it until I ask for it. With so much content cluttering our phones, tablets, PCs and social networks, it can be difficult to seek out and find the specific items of interest to you. Friends or colleagues may not share this content with you directly because they’re drowning in data overload themselves. Often, these friends aren’t sure exactly what you want. Enter Lasso. Founded by Alex Welch, the entrepreneur who started Photobucket in 2003, Lasso makes it easy for you to round up the digital content you want from friends – simply by asking for it. By putting the onus on the requester, instead of the person holding the content, you’ll be in a much better position to actually receive the digital content you’re interested in. Lasso is now focused on sharing photos on IOS and Android-powered mobile devices but expects its network to expand into other types of content soon. To keep up with our progress, follow us on twitter at: @Lasso. For further information, visit