Photobucket Album Themes — Hundreds to Choose From!

So there’s a virtually unlimited selection of Album Themes on Photobucket. We’re giving you literally hundreds of themes to choose from.

Plus, you can build your own theme too if you want to. Click "Continue Reading" to see more ideas.


Here is just a tiny sampling of some of the hundreds of themes available:

Themes for Pro Photos


Halloween Themes

Click here to try this "Trick or Treat" theme in your album.

Haunted House Theme

Beach Themes

Click here to try this "Palms" theme in your album.

Beach Theme Screenshot

Vacation Themes

Click here to try this "Old Map" theme in your album.

Travel Theme Screenshot


Wedding Themes

Click here to try this "Pretty in Pink" theme in your album.

Wedding Theme Screenshot


Sports and Boarding Themes

Click here to try this "Sk8tboarding" theme in your album.

Boarding Theme Screenshot


  1. Amelie Gough
    March 25, 2010

    Remarkable job!Definitely you have a talent.

  2. Alice Lankester
    October 11, 2008

    Sincerely sorry you had trouble with getting themes to work. Naturally with a new feature there are sometimes glitches, and we’ll keep hard at it to make sure that these disappear asap.
    So with regard to the links. Click on “edit” next to “theme” under the “about this album” top left. Click on “customize this theme” and look for “link code options” half way down on the left. Make sure the option “always” is chosen. Otherwise, you’ll only get the copy code links when you mouseover.
    Hope this works for you. Try themes again next week, and make sure you tell us your browser/OS so we can isolate, identify and snag any bug you found.
    Thanks! Alice.

  3. katiemouse
    October 10, 2008

    I have fixed my pages and they are now rendering.
    I was not using a theme, but now I am the overlapping is no longer there and the mouse brings up the URL’s

  4. katiemouse
    October 10, 2008

    What is the use of having all these beautiful themes, if ones page is just not rendering the way it should.
    The images are overlapping on mine and many other customers of Photo bucket and it is very frustrating as one cannot move them or use them.
    We have all tried the advice given by your forum moderators and we have all found that nothing works.
    Now I have just tried to go in and post on the thread and it has been closed, it is disgusting to say the least, especially as many of us have paid for the pro account.
    I was also told off for writing in number 4 font, and my post was changed, as I said in my email, why have options if we are not allowed to use them, even if it is to shout, because boy, that is what I feel like doing, I have just started a new Yahoo group and I needed my images for it, now I cannot get to them.
    I do not like being told off by some one who, for all I know was not even born when I started to use computers.
    I for one love the themes, they are fun and great to look at, BUT can you please get the pages rendering properly before you try something new.