Photobucket and Digg Bring Popular Rankings to Photos

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Update as of 10pm PST: Channel on Photobucket is now live and working: go to Let’s see what you digg on Photobucket!

We’re announcing today a very special integration for Photobucket — with the popular community site Digg at

As part of this integration, the following new features are being added to Photobucket:

  • Photobucket Digg buttons — Digg buttons will be added to all photos in the public "Find Stuff" tab ( on Photobucket, allowing Photobucket members to submit content to Digg.
  • A Digg Channel on Photobucket — A dedicated Digg channel will be added today under a "Popular" section within the "Find Stuff" tab on Photobucket.  "Popular" will rank the most "Dugg" Photobucket images.
  • Photobucket on Digg — the Digg site will link back to Photobucket’s Digg channel, to display the most popular images as voted by the Digg community.

Digg is also making their own announcement today of a dedicated photos section of their site. We’re delighted to be part of this announcement.

The Digg Channel on Photobucket

Click on "Find Stuff" in Photobucket’s top blue bar. Underneath "Find Stuff" you’ll see a new category called "Popular". You’ll find the most popular images there.

New to Digg?

If you haven’t used Digg before, you’ll have to register. But it’s quick and easy. And once you have, Digg your favorite images on Photobucket. They’ll bubble to the top of the Photobucket Digg Channel (if other Photobucket members agree with your choice!).

We’re looking forward to seeing how you Digg, what you Digg, and what you think of this feature. So, as always, let us know through our feedback email


  1. Jen
    August 21, 2008

    Hi Shannon. Thanks for the comment.
    For all technical/editing questions it’s best to go to our tech support forums
    Or email them at
    They’re happy to help over there! Thanks!

  2. Shannon
    August 20, 2008

    Ok so i was wondering, if its possible to bring two photos into the edit thing. for photobucket, i been trying to find an answer for who knows how long. it been forever!!