Getting Started: The All-New Photobucket Mobile for iPhone

Welcome to All-New Photobucket Mobile for iPhone!

Our new app can be found in the Apple App Store on your iOS device or by tapping here.

We have completely redesigned our iPhone app, allowing you to easily upload, view and share your memories!


Before signing-in, you will be asked whether to allow Photobucket to have access to your photos and location. Please allow the app to have access to both. Without access, Photobucket will not be able to upload your images.


If you already have an account, simply tap Sign In and enter your username and password.

If you don’t have a Photobucket account, you can sign up in less than a minute by tapping Join Photobucket.


After successfully signing-in, you will see the Main Menu and Camera/Upload buttons highlighted.


In the Main Menu, you will be able to change Settings,  view Your Library and Browse user-uploaded content on Photobucket.

You can also see how much storage you are currently using.


Tap on Your Library to view your album list. Tap Edit to add or delete an album. You can also tap and slide from right to left to delete an album.


When viewing your album, tap Edit to perform bulk actions, including move and delete.


Album info, Upload to Album, Move Album and Share options are on the bottom of this screen.


Tap on the Gear icon to access your Settings.


From here you can get a more detailed look at your storage usage, Send Feedback, look at our Help section or Sign Out of your account.



1 Comment

  1. Areesha khan
    June 13, 2015

    Hey what if someone is using old browser or have low firmware, how can they download photobucket app?
    I mean to download the app you should have to had ios 7 or above but if someone doesn’t have how will be they able to download the app?
    Please add old version in the download column too
    We would be glad if you did so