Photobucket is 10 Billionth App Downloaded from Android Market

Posted by on Dec 9, 2011 in Mobile, Tom Munro, CEO Posts | No Comments

By Tom Munro, CEO

We recently received some exciting news this week that we wanted to share. The Android Market crossed 10 billion apps downloaded this past weekend, and the Android team called us earlier this week to let us know that it was our Photobucket Mobile App!

We want to congratulate Android for this accomplishment – not only is 10 billion an incredible feat, but the amount of time in which this was accomplished is impressive – especially if you take a look at the last six months in which Android Market went from 6 billion to 10 billion downloads – it is staggering. But it’s really no surprise to us at Photobucket, because we know how rabid our Photobucket Mobile users are for Android. In fact, there are currently more than four million total installs of the Photobucket Mobile App for Android, and our mobile image uploads are approximately 400% higher on Android than what they are on the iPhone.

Photobucket actually has two popular mobile apps available for Android Market – the Photobucket Mobile App for Android and Snapbucket for Android, which allows users to snap, style, and share photos. Both apps are free, have an average rating of 4.1 in Android Market, and have several features exclusive to Android, including a patented auto-uploader that enables users to automatically upload all photos and videos from their phone to their Photobucket account.

Also interesting is that Photobucket’s mobile video uploads that have increased 14x since December 2010, driven in large part by the active Android user base.  Currently Android is driving about 40% of all Photobucket video uploads.

The improved quality of photos and videos from camera phones, ease of uploading, and constant availability are making them the default device for image capturing and sharing. The Photobucket Mobile app auto-uploader is making the process of uploading and sharing so seamless that we expect this growth trend to increase even more.

Congrats to Android on this accomplishment, thank you to our Photobucket employees for helping to make such powerful apps for the marketplace, and a big thank you to our customers (including the actual 10 billionth downloader!), for your loyalty and support!