Photobucket is a Webware 100 winner!

We are honored to be a Webware 100 winner! The Webware 100 awards from CNET shows the top 100 Web apps in 10
categories voted to be the best of the best by Webware readers and users of the
apps themselves. Almost 630,000 votes were cast to determine this year's 100 best Web 2.0 apps. Thanks to everyone who voted for Photobucket! We really appreciate the nod.  Go here to see the awards.

3 thoughts on “Photobucket is a Webware 100 winner!

  1. Photobucket is a very iffy place I’ve lost my page because of a glitch they failed to fix. If I wanted it for mobile I’d ask, and then not to be able to get rid of it easily is for the birds.
    disgruntled user.

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