Photobucket launches ‘Find Stuff 2.0’

Find Stuff 2.0 on Photobucket enables users to search most popular, relevant content on

Each month, Photobucket users conduct more than 900 million searches for photos, images and videos using Find Stuff, the built-in feature that searches the billions of public images and videos on Photobucket.

Today, Photobucket re-launched this feature as “Find Stuff 2.0.”

Now, Photobucket will leverage data from millions of users – searches, comments and links – as well as new editorial staff, to better organize its vast library, enabling searches according to popularity and relevancy.

The revamped Find Stuff 2.0 includes:

  • Several new sections: “Most Linked”, “Most Viewed” and “Most Commented”
  • New “Top Categories” – like Movies, Celebrities, and Art – that are sorted according to popularity
  • New, rotating categories added to reflect users’ changing interests (i.e. Inauguration ’09 is new today)

It’s worth noting that users can search hundreds of photos and videos made public by Photobucket users. Photobucket, unlike many other photo sharing sites, also encourages users to share content like icons, cartoons, graphics and more, making Find Stuff 2.0 a great alternative to image search using other engines.

See Photobucket’s most popular content at:

1 Comment

  1. Susan G.
    January 27, 2009

    Why can’t you sort a specific search by most recently added? I think it used to automatically sort that way. This is the only photo/video site that doesn’t allow sorting by most recent. Makes it very difficult to use!
    Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback.