Photobucket Mobile for Android: a Fantastic New Use for a Mobile Device Camera

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Ever tried getting photos, let alone videos, off of your cell phone?  It’s hard!  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service that automatically sent every photo and video you took with your phone to the cloud, so it could be accessed immediately from anywhere?

Photobucket is making saving mobile photos and videos simpler than ever.  With Photobucket Mobile for Android, users can pull out their cameras, take a photo or video, and put it right back in their pocket.  In minutes that image or video will be uploaded directly to a designated Photobucket account. 


Once the photo or video is on Photobucket, users can easily share it to all their favorite places: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, MSN Messenger, and email sharing are all made extremely easy. 



Photobucket Mobile is the easiest and fastest way to save every photo and video you shoot with your mobile phone. Can you do that with your mobile device camera?