Photobucket Momentum – Building on a Great Year & Looking Ahead

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Before really jumping fully into the New Year (I can’t believe it’s already February) I wanted to stop for a minute and look back on the past year, think about how far we have come, and to thank you all for being a part of it. We really had a great year at Photobucket, and there is more excitement to come.

In 2011, Photobucket, cemented its position as the most-visited photo site in 2011, celebrated a partnership with Twitter, released its Snapbucket photo-editing mobile application, and grew the leadership team with the additions of several key executives. When I look at those milestones, I’m pleased with the work our teams have done to advance Photobucket in the market. 

By all accounts, the numbers are staggering. By the end of 2011, we boasted nearly 9.5 billion photo and video uploads with an average of five million new uploads each day, plus more than four billion images and videos served each day to more than two million unique sites. Additionally, Photobucket received nearly one million new registered users each month. This means that more and more, consumers are turning to Photobucket as the place to store all of their memories which I find very flattering.

Early in the summer, we were able to capitalize on the heightened interest in mobile photos by releasing Snapbucket, which complements our flagship Photobucket Mobile app. Snapbucket enables users to “snap” photos from their mobile device, personalize those photos through unique filters, effects, vignettes and frames, and then easily share with their social community. On this front, there is much more to come. 

Photobucket also announced a groundbreaking partnership with Twitter in 2011; as you likely know, Photobucket powers Twitter's native photo sharing capabilities, allowing users to easily upload and share photos directly in Tweets. This partnership reflected the synergy between both companies’ growth strategies and audience needs, delivering a simple, intuitive user experience for photo sharing. We’re pleased with the momentum, and expect to see increased growth as consumers see the native simplicity of adding photos to their Tweets. 

Photobucket shows no signs of stopping this positive momentum in 2012, with plans for subsequent product enhancements and launches, additions in functionality and features, new and novel editing tools, plus an updated look and feel for the website. Here is a video of me talking about video and photo trends if you are interested in hearing more.


Thank you to all of you for your support!