Photobucket Stories are all grown up.

Posted by on Nov 13, 2014 in Feature Updates, Stories | 8 Comments

Author: Jessica Canale 

Almost exactly two years ago, we proudly announced a new way for our users to organize and share their photos and videos with a new feature called Photobucket Stories.  Photobucket Stories provided users with an easy way to create a “story” by adding their photos and videos, as well as text and backgrounds, in an easy to consume, horizontal layout.  More engaging (and more fun) than sharing a single image or an album, Stories quickly became a favorite online scrapbooking tool for our users.

Today, we are equally as proud to announce that our beloved Photobucket Stories feature has grown up, and we’ve made it effortless to share your stories.

  • No assembly required.
    You no longer have to “create” a Story.  Any album can now be viewed as a Story with one click. Photos, videos and animated gifs are automatically placed in the Story for you in the same order as the album. All you need to do is click “View as Story” in any album view.
  • View as StoryA touch of sophistication
    We really love the scrapbook feel of Photobucket Stories, but know it is time for a more modern update. The new design is clean, sharp and makes any album look professionally curated. We clean up nicely, don’t you think?

  • No longer limited to 150 photos.
    All of the photos, videos, and animated gifs in an album will show in the Story.
  • No upkeep.
    When you add, remove, or re-arrange content in an album, the story will automatically update for you.
  • Show off your photo descriptions.
    Your photo descriptions will show automatically as accompanying text in Story view.

Stories Description View

  • Take a closer look.
    Click on any photo, video or animated gif in the Story to zoom in and get more info.
  • Hey, it’s your background.
    By default, your Story background will be the first image in your album. You can choose any of your photos or animated gifs as your story background, or use one of the patterns we still offer.
  • Share anywhere.
    Photobucket Stories are still optimized for web and mobile, for sharing on your favorite social network, via email or text, or embedded on your blog. Share away.

What about my old Photobucket Stories?
If you had created one or many Photobucket Stories, we took the liberty of moving all of that content into separate albums for you so you can still view them as Stories and any links/embeds you have out there don’t break. You can find those new albums in your library list. If you need a little more help on this, check out our help articles here.

So go ahead and take a look in your Photobucket library. You’ve uploaded, imported, backed up, edited and organized your photos.  Now it’s time to view and share those carefully curated albums in all their glory with the new Photobucket Stories.


  1. Keri B. Bullock
    January 27, 2015

    I’m surprised & disappointed in the new “Story” format. I created 7 “Stories” for family & friends with photo sizing, placement & text-boxes chosen by me. Now the sizing & placement of quotes in those albums is changed, now random, with the sizing & placement no longer an option. Photo Bucket Reps say it’s more convenient & simple because the layout is chosen for you based on the order you placed the photos in your album. But the photobucket stories do not appear in the exact order arranged in an album. The Slideshow does, but not the Stories. The photos for “Stories” appear in random sizes & placement according to some pre-programmed template. The capacity to arrange placement & sizing of photos is necessary to able to create one’s “own” story.

    • Hannah Moorhead
      January 27, 2015

      Hi Keri,

      Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear you are disappointed with the new Stories experience as it was designed to make things easier for our users. The order of the photos in your story should appear in the order they are arranged in your album. If this is not the case, please submit a request with our support team at so that we can further assist you with this issue.

  2. Chris
    January 18, 2015

    I didn’t think that Betas were supposed to be better than the final version, but that is what’s happened here.

    I thought that the original Beta version of story was great!! I was ever thinking that it would take the place of me linking pictures to various internet forums when I wanted to share a story.
    I discovered the Story Beta after a trip to Africa and the combination of text boxes and pictures, with control of sizes, was fantastic for telling the story of my trip. Just like a real photo album where you can add in notes, not just titles. All the text is now gone, so there is no story. All the picture titles and descriptions are also gone. There is still evidence that there were titles at least, but they are only visible the first time each picture is opened outside of “Story”. There is no way of changing the size of pictures, or altering the spacing. Don’t really see the point in it now.

    Very disappointing.

    • Hannah Moorhead
      January 19, 2015

      Hello Chris,

      Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear you are less than thrilled with the new Stories feature. The changes made to the beta version were intended to make creating, viewing and sharing a Story as simple as possible. The photos in your story will appear in the order they are laid out in your album itself. Your photos will be automatically sized and fitted to the Story view, so there is not an option to resize idividual photos in the Story. You can however add text to your Story. Simply add the text you wish to accompany each photo as the “description” on the photo itself (while in album mode). When you click “view as story”, you will then see your descriptions as text by each photo. Hopefully this information improves your Stories experience, and please let us know if we can clarify anything else.

  3. Daniella
    November 30, 2014

    In the new way of creating a story, how do you chose the size that certain images present. There used to be 3 sizes to chose from, but now I can seem to do this.

    Is it setup to do this?

    Need help on this asap.


    • Jessica Canale
      December 1, 2014

      Hi Daniella, The new Stories lays out the photos for you in the order of the album. You can re-arrange the photos to have them laid out differently in story view. Or you can add a description to the photo you want to show large — a photo with a description will always show in it’s own column with the associated text.

  4. Dave Murray
    November 22, 2014

    I had a story on Photobucket that I developed and saved, with accompanying text and photo identifications. Now, I just logged in to my story and the text in the story layout is all gone. I’ve looked all over the new format and can’t find any tools for adding copy to my photo story anymore. What’s up?

    • Jessica Canale
      November 24, 2014

      You can add text to your story by adding descriptions to your photos. Your photo descriptions will display as accompanying text in the story.