5 Reasons Why ‘Photobucket Stories’ Is The Best Way To Show Off Your Wedding Photos

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In the summer of 2010, my wife and I got married in the mountains of Colorado. As we approach our 5 year wedding anniversary, I’ve been spending some time looking at the photos from our big day and reminiscing about that incredible weekend.

I’ve looked at our wedding photos hundreds of times, but this time I’m enjoying them more than ever. The difference now is that I’m viewing these photos as a Photobucket Story, the best way to view and share wedding photos.

Here are 5 reasons why you should try it:

1. Quick, Easy and Beautiful

The new Photobucket Stories feature makes it easy to enjoy and share a large number of photos. All you have to do is upload your wedding photos to an album, and then view it as a Story. In just one click, you can transform your album:


Wedding photos by Christine Farah

into a beautiful Story:

Now your photos are laid out beautifully, and you can quickly and smoothly side scroll through your Story on your computer or phone.

2. Share Anywhere

Want to show off your photos to your Facebook friends? Want to email your pics to Grandma? Think your DIY wedding is Pinterest-worthy? Stories are easy to share any way you want. You can even embed it into your wedding website using the embed link!


Wedding photos by Christine Farah


3. The Photobucket Print Shop

Photobucket’s new Print Shop offers high quality printed products at great prices. Enjoy your wedding photos for years to come as Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, and Photo Books (coming soon!). You can also allow your guests to print the photos they want on the products they want. Just make sure your Settings allow others to copy, download, and print your photos.

4. Personalize It

Stories helps you personalize your photos even more by setting your background and cover image of the Story. To set the background, just select “Edit background image” from the settings gear. By default we choose the 1st image in the album as the cover, so you can customize your album order to set a different cover photo by just bringing your chosen image to the 1st spot in your album. Be sure to include descriptions of each photo in your album as this text will display as captions for each image throughout your Story.

5. Safe and Secure

Once you’ve uploaded your photos to Photobucket, they are there to stay forever. You’ll never have to worry about transferring them across devices ever again. With up to 10 GB of free photo storage, you can make sure all of your favorite memories are kept safe and secure, all in one place.

These 5 reasons make it quick and easy to share your wedding photos. And we’re already seeing a lot of users trying it out – here are some amazing examples from Photobucket users. (Click through to view each Story)

Nat and Kieron Wedding

Blackett Official Wedding

D and K Wedding

McNeill Wedding

And of course, here are some of my photos:

Our wedding, photos by Christine Farah

Share your own wedding Story with us in the comments below for your chance to be featured!

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  1. Bal Nuro
    March 28, 2015

    This will be great for my upcoming wedding. thanks for your service 😉