Photobucket Mugs!

Posted by on Oct 3, 2006 in Feature Updates | One Comment

Photobucket’s got some great partners and one of our favorites that we’ve worked with for a while is Qoop!

We’re really excited that now all our users can create fun mugs from their images – both photos and graphics!

So, for example, if you had an icon or logo of a mochi ball team of assassin ninjas that you wanted to turn into a mug, you could do that today!  If you wanted to put a silly picture of your friends and family on a beer stein, it would be totally easy!

Don’t forget, if you’re a Photobucket Pro Account user, you get 10% off of all your Photobucket goods.

Prints/Posters/Books/Cards/Calendars/Hats/Tee shirts and now Mugs!

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  1. shawna
    October 10, 2006