Photobucket tops 55M worldwide unique visitors — 22% increase over January!

One of the measures we have to watch at Photobucket is put out by comScore Media Metrix. They measure the number of unique visitors to a site worldwide, and in the world of 'making a business from a Web site,' those measures matter.

The great news for us is that the February 2009 numbers just came out, and we topped 55M unique users a month worldwide! That's up over 22% from January 2009.

While we're thrilled with that number, we're also humbled.  We take our responsibility to keep our site humming along for each one of those 55 million people very seriously. Thank you everyone for visiting Photobucket, and keep coming back!  Please never hesitate to contact us with comments, questions, or just to get help.  Or follow us on Twitter!

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