Press Release – 06.14.06 – Photobucket Jwidget Integration Tool Brings Free Image and

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Photobucket Jwidget Integration Tool Brings Free Image and
Video Sharing to Leading Social Media and eCommerce Sites

Photobucket tool enhances user experience by allowing members to share and publish photos and videos without leaving partner sites

Palo Alto, California – June 14, 2006 – Photobucket , the world’s leading visual content hosting and publishing service, today announced the availability of the Photobucket Jwidget, an industry-first tool that enables any Web site to provide free image and video hosting for its users, leveraging Photobucket’s proven platform. In addition, Photobucket’s content moderation operation aggressively removes objectionable material, providing a value added service for partners.

Consumers want to personalize and enhance their online experience on multiple sites. This requires them to use multiple browser windows to do simple things like share images and videos at the destination sites where they hang out. The Photobucket Jwidget streamlines the user experience by keeping consumers on the destination site to upload and link their digital content. Photobucket’s existing 18 million members can quickly publish content stored at Photobucket to those partner destination sites in a few easy steps.

“The Photobucket Jwidget brings social media and ecommerce sites free and reliable image and video hosting, and access to Photobucket’s world-class content moderation,” said Alex Welch, Chief Executive Officer, Photobucket. “It is our goal to make it extremely easy for our members to express themselves visually on a variety of Web sites, and for our partners to enable their members to have the best image and video sharing experience possible.”

Photobucket members currently link images and videos to over 60,000 social networking, blogging, ecommerce Web sites and discussion forums. The Photobucket Jwidget is an ideal solution for destination sites like these that want to allow members to quickly and easily link images and videos, without toggling back and forth between their Photobucket account. The Photobucket Jwidget is a free plug-in that can be implemented in minutes, giving any Web site image and video hosting and publishing functionality at no additional cost.

“Our members use Photobucket tools to enhance their online experience,” said Jeremy Verba, CEO of Piczo. “By implementing the Photobucket Jwidget, our users can easily access their Photobucket content within Piczo itself. The Photobucket Jwidget improves our members’ experience on Piczo by allowing them to spend more time designing their personal Web sites.”

The Photobucket Jwidget is a simple iframe (or IFRAME) that lives within the pages of third party Web sites and allows members to access and publish images and video content from their Photobucket accounts. Photobucket Jwidget is a free, self-service plug-in that can be implemented in minutes on any Web site.

For more information on the new Photobucket Jwidget, or for instructions on how to get this for your site, please go to

About Photobucket
Photobucket provides a simple, fast, and reliable service that enables efficient sharing and publishing of visual digital content online. Images, graphic art, and videos can be directly linked from Photobucket to any site, including popular sites like eBay, Gaiaonline, Piczo, Blogger, LiveJournal, Facebook, Bebo, Friendster, and Myspace.

Photobucket was founded in 2003 by Alex Welch (CEO) and Darren Crystal (CTO). Two years later, Photobucket was named the fastest growing site of 2005 according to Nielsen/Netratings and now ranks as a Top 100 site by reach according to all of the major ranking services. Photobucket was profitable last year and has been funded primarily by earnings. As of June 2006, Photobucket had 18 Million users growing by over 70,000 users per day. Photobucket serves over 50 Billion images per month. Photobucket is based in downtown Denver, Colorado with business and sales office in Palo Alto, California.