Press Release – 12.06.06 – Piczo Delivers Custom Multimedia Tools to More Than 10 Million Teen Users

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Piczo Delivers Custom Multimedia Tools to More Than 10 Million Teen Users

Partnerships With Flock, Photobucket and VideoEgg Enhance Online Self-Expression

Piczo, Inc. ( ), an online social network that provides a safe and creative environment for teen self-expression, today announced partnerships with Internet multimedia companies Flock, Photobucket and VideoEgg, offering enhanced online multimedia tools to millions of teens worldwide.

The partnerships will give Piczo users more online creativity through video and photo-sharing and enhance online communication between friends. Users will now be able to browse and add videos to their Piczo pages with easy one-click access. They can also access existing photos and videos from their Photobucket accounts, and upload personal video content through VideoEgg’s custom publishing tools. Users can download a custom Flock Piczo Edition browser for more personalized media sharing, online searching and instant connections to their friends online.

“Self expression is an important part of every teenager’s life and it’s our goal to provide users with the necessary tools to help them creatively show who they are to their online friends,” said Jeremy Verba, CEO, Piczo. “Our new partners bring an expertise that allows Piczo users enhanced media sharing and better online searching, all while staying connected to their friends in a safer social networking environment.”

When users download the Flock Piczo Edition browser, they will receive alerts when friends update their sites, providing an instant connection to their Piczo friends. Users will also be able to quickly and easily drag and drop content such as photos and videos into their Piczo Web page. Other features in the Flock Piczo Edition browser include access to bulk upload tools, uninterrupted login and web searching capabilities.

“With the new Flock Piczo Edition, users get the best features of Piczo and Flock in one experience,” said Geoffrey Arone, founder and chief strategy officer, Flock. “Our users are saying they want easy media sharing capabilities and instant access to friends. Piczo is an ideal partner to help deliver this because of its strong relationship with more than 10 million teen users.”

Piczo has also partnered with VideoEgg to offer a Piczo Edition of the VideoEgg video publishing solution to users. With this custom offering, Piczo users will be able to quickly and easily create, edit, and upload personal videos to their Piczo pages.

“By combining VideoEgg’s customizable and user-centric video platform with Piczo’s unique approach to virally building teen communities we’ve created an even more immersive self-expression environment for Piczo users,” said Matt Sanchez, CEO, VideoEgg.

Through a partnership with Photobucket, Piczo users experience fast, reliable and efficient sharing and publishing of video and photo content online. Specifically, Piczo users with a Photobucket account can opt to paste videos and pictures directly from Photobucket when editing their Piczo site, enabling quick and easy access to their personal content.

Additionally, Piczo is partnering with video hosting companies to make it easier for teens to access a broad selection of video content to add to their Piczo pages. Through the partnerships, users will be able to add videos to their Piczo pages from Piczo as well as the video hosting sites via an easy one-click option.

“Increasingly, teens want to be able to share media and entertainment content online quickly and easily,” said Ben Bajarin, principal analyst, Creative Strategies. “Through these partnerships, Piczo will be one of the first social networking sites to offer this level of media sharing and customization to its users.”

The Photobucket features are available today. Users will be able to access VideoEgg content and download the Piczo Edition Flock browser in the coming weeks.