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We will never admit to a mullet.

And if you talk to our mom to try and get evidence, we’ll find you and we’ll, well… probably whine pitifully. But then again maybe not. Because that wouldn’t be very hard core. And actually, Photobucket is pretty hard core.

We’ve launched a promotion with Anthrax. (Yes! Anthrax!)
And are banging our heads to the nostalgia.

Here’s the details on our promotion with them.

The ’80s was just a bad hair DECADE… Was (or is in some cases) your hair business in front, party in the back? Feathered like a majestic bird? Did you create a hole in the Ozone Layer with reckless hairspray use?

ANTHRAX, though never achieving the hair majesty of say Poison, Dokken or Bon Jovi, always been one of the finest coiffed band around and we’ve got the pics to prove it. Do you?

Then send in your pics to AnthraxPhoto@gmail.com now! Scan in your yearbook photos, party pics, mug shots – whatever you got and upload them on Photobucket.com.

Whoever submits the photo voted as the absolute WORST will be crowned KING or QUEEN MULLET!!!

First Prize – A makeover in your town – Get a new hairdo or maybe just refine that mullet!

Runnerups – Will receive Anthrax merch, always in fashion!

What are you waiting for? Your mullet tips to finish bleaching? – SIGNUP NOW!!!!!!!!

Contest Rules:
1.Upload your photos to Photobucket.com and email the image URL to AnthraxPhoto@gmail.com
2. Include your name and Myspace URL so we can notify you if you are selected as a winner
3. No sexually explicit images

Contest ends February 16, 2007

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